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The Jamaica Karate Team was formed 6 years ago after the efforts to become officially recognised by the World Karate Federation and which is the technical body for the Pam American and Olympic games. Two disciplines will feature in the Pan Am Games, Kumite (fighting) and Kata (pre arranged forms), and there will be an even 50/50 split between female and male competitors at the Games.

About us

The Jamaica Karate team have been struggling to maintain their ability to stay in the world ranking as a result of lack of funding. Despite challenges the team has performed excellent on the international stage. Historically for the first time qualifying Jamaica for the Pan-American games in 2019, following this other athletes within the squad have achieved international success. Being ranked in the top 20 within the world. The team desperately needs funds in order to push them to the next level, competition costs are very high and as soon as the international tournaments start to function again post COVID-19 they will need to participate in as many to keep their points high.

We are very greatful for the financial support that has been given by the Jamaican Olympic Association and many of our achievements have been because of this fact.

This goes beyond just their journey in the Olympics, but it will support the development of karate in Jamaica for young people to get involved in the support and achieve success in raising their self-confidence and their ability to compete regionally and also internationally. The team is driven to support philanthropic causes and has already raised money for the women’s centre of Jamaica through teaching masterclasses for people around the world to engage in online.

In addition to that they have supported with international assistance to countries such as India in training young girls in karate as a way of inspiring them to achieve success to the vehicle of self development found in the martial arts. In order for the team to progress with all of their plans they need the support from the community.

The Jamaica Olympic Association has given financial support, However this is not enough in order to take them to the next level. Outside of the JOA they do not have any other support. We need supporters to help us, we need our community to support us, we need Jamaica and the Jamaican diaspora to support us. 

Please help our journey as we put the flag out for Jamaica in the international scene and change lives through the vehicle of martial arts. 

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